Testimonial from Mike Walker, President and Founder of Opterre LLC

I worked with Mike Walker for over a year, providing marketing and launch strategy, project planning, content marketing, and article writing.

Don’t just take my word for it, watch Mike talk about how I helped him launch his business.

Mike Walker

Founder and President, Opterre LLC

“I engaged Lara Brockie after a recommendation from a colleague because the critical elements website was outdated, very slow to load and my clients couldn’t find it. It required a redesign and new hosting so that I could advertise my services and distribute my videos to my international client base.

Lara helped me by moving the website to a new hosting platform, producing a full review of the site and providing recommendations to improve it. She then implemented the recommendations by redesigning the website and reusing my existing content where possible. The result was a completely redesigned, responsive website, that I am proud to show my clients. The website is very professional and engaging, looks really polished and creates a very positive impression. One thing I liked was her friendly, supportive, non-technical approach to the whole process. She kept me updated on progress and proactively suggested new ideas to improve my site, content and delivery of videos and resources. I found the experience a pleasure.

Lara is easy to work with and goes out of her way to make sure she delivers a top-notch service. I am very happy with my new website and I would recommend Lara to any non-technical coaches and consultants who need a professional website redesign service and want to feel that they are in safe hands.”

Steve Gough

Managing Director Critical Elements

“Lara has been an integral part in the on-going process of building and marketing my digital course over the last few months. Her relentless dedication to making sure all aspects of the project were completed in a timely and professional manner, allowed us to have a successful launch. She is the person you want on your corner not only for her valuable skill sets, but also for her proactive approach to every task given to her. She continuously provided welcomed recommendations and insights that were priceless to the overall project. Lara is a valuable member of our team and I would not hesitate to recommend her to my other entrepreneur friends.”

Pilar Newman

Amazon FBA Entrepreneur


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