Case Studies for a UK Based Fintech

Case Studies for a UK Based Fintech


The Project:

IFA Dataflow is a Fintech company based in the UK, providing automated Income Reconciliation Services to Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) and Financial Institutions in the UK. Ian Lane, the Managing Director of IFA Dataflow, contacted me to write a series of case studies to showcase some of his company’s work for their new website.


I interviewed a series of IFA Dataflow clients to understand their projects and IFA Dataflow’s work with them. Each interview was held over Zoom and recorded so I could refer back to it while writing the case study. The interviews were a maximum of 30 minutes long and involved a set of pre-planned questions about the service provided by IFA Dataflow.

After each interview, I produced a draft case study in Canva, which was reviewed and approved by Ian Lane before sending it to the client for final approval and sign-off.

The end-to-end process, from the initial interview to sign-off, took approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on the client’s internal approval process.

The Result:

Ian was really happy with the case studies, and they are now on the website – adding value and demonstrating the capabilities of IFA Dataflow and the success they bring to their projects. The case studies showcase IFA Dataflow’s client work and demonstrate their expertise and experience for prospective clients. The case studies are now a key part of their sales pipeline process.


The images below are the full case studies.

IFA Dataflow - Thorntons Wealth Case Study Page 1
IFA Dataflow - Thorntons Wealth Case Study Page 2
IFA Outsource Case Study Page 1
IFA Outsource Case Study Page 2
IFA Dataflow - Carbon Case Study Page 1
IFA Dataflow - Carbon Case Study Page 2

“Lara has helped us launch a new website with some great content and fantastic case studies. We have had promising engagement from our target market with Lara’s content.

What I really like about working with Lara is that I can trust her to deal independently with clients knowing that Lara will represent our company very professionally.”

Ian Lane

Managing Director, IFA Dataflow

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