Pete Talbot

Case Studies for a Creative Design Lead


The Project:

Pete Talbot is a freelance creative design lead, who was updating his website and asked me to work on case studies to showcase his work with three major clients – Citibank, Lloyds Bank and Lloyds Bank Private Banking.


I ran a series of interviews with Pete over Zoom. Using the STAR methodology – Situation, Task, Action and Results, I asked Pete a series of questions about his work with his clients.

We took the projects one by one, and I facilitated the sessions over several hours to gain all the information I needed to write the case studies. I worked for Lloyds Banking Group as a project manager for several years, which gave me an added insight into the projects and helped with developing the case studies.

I updated the draft case studies during live sessions over Zoom, and revised the wording until Pete was happy with them. He then took the final case studies and placed it on his website along with supporting images of his project work.

The Result:

The final web pages with the client case studies are excellent portfolio pieces for Pete, demonstrating his design skills and work with top tier clients, that he can use with prospective clients.


Click on the links below the images to see the full case studies.

Case Study 1

Case Study for Pete Talbot – Citibank

Creative Design Lead Case Study 2

Case Study for Pete Talbot – Lloyds Bank

Creative Design Lead - Case Study 3

Case Study for Pete Talbot – Lloyds Bank Private Banking

Lara was great to work with, she nailed the case studies I asked her to work on. I would definitely work with Lara again.

Pete Talbot

Creative Designer, Pete Talbot


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