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Website Design and Build for a Reiki Master



The Project:

Carole Haigh is a Reiki Master and Practitioner Teacher with an office at Dundee University.

Carole wanted a new website so that she could take her courses online, sell her e-books and re-launch her business.



I worked with Carole to understand her requirements in detail and developed a project plan to deliver a website that was both aesthetically pleasing and reflected Carole’s personality. This included the design of the heart logo and selection of all the Reiki imagery.

I still maintain Carole’s website and upload her blogs whenever she sends out a new newsletter.


The Result:

The reikiwithheart website enables Carole to keep her audience up to date with new blogs and courses. In addition, it gives Carole a platform to advertise her Reiki services and share the Reiki message worldwide.


I am really happy to recommend Lara. I chose Lara to develop my new website as I knew she was familiar with Reiki and that she would understand just what I wanted to put over in re-launching my business with a new name.

The website is beautiful, and sends out all the messages I want people to see and appreciate. I am now getting very positive feedback about the website, and more importantly, positive results leading to people enrolling with me to do their Japanese Reiki Training. The latest has spoken about how my passion for Reiki has come through the website and in my exchanges with them leading to signing up for training.

Lara is really good to work with, she listens and then translated what I wanted into the website. Other people I have spoken to about designing my website were only interested in giving me their standard website.  I wanted a unique website, that reflected me and my Reiki training and mentoring ­ and that for me was unique. No one else wanted to give me that.

Lara has set a very high standard as far as I am concerned that means I will not lower my standards and work with those who are only interested in turning out “something”. Now I will only work with those who will give me that something special I am looking for.

Lara biggest strength is her ability to listen and then translate that into something that absolutely fits the bill. I made very few suggestions in terms of tweaking what I wanted.

Lara is absolutely worth every penny I have invested.

Carole Haigh

Owner and Reiki Master, Reiki With Heart


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