Double your growth by optimizing your customer journey

Understanding and optimizing the journey that your ideal customer takes before they buy your products and services is key to maximizing your sales and profits.

Before implementing a digital marketing strategy, your first priority is to map your Customer Value Journey to determine how you will drive traffic, convert leads, acquire customers and maximize profits.

You’ve built your website. You’re posting on social media, you’ve got a newsletter, you’ve run a few ads, but it’s just not sticking. It seems that your efforts are not working. You’ve tried all the tools, you are paying for lots of subscriptions, you are working hard every day, but something is just not right. 

You’re overwhelmed and exhausted, but just not getting the right type of customer. Where do you go now? How do you get your ideal customers? Where are they hiding?

The first step we’ll take together is to understand your customer value journey.

The customer value journey is the path your customers take to find out about you and your services, follow you, buy from you, and buy again.

I will work with you to review your current sales and marketing activities and understand how you get and retain customers.

I will perform a full audit of your customer value journey and every interaction your prospects and customers have with your company – from when they first find and research you, to their first purchase and beyond.

We’ll then map out an optimized path and activities to take your customer through the eight stages of the Customer Value Journey, plus the two stages of business growth.

Customer Value Journey
Customer Value Optimization
The Ultimate Checklist to Attract More Customers

The Customer Value Optimization package consists of:

  • A 2-hour workshop, where we will meet over Zoom to:
    • walk through the Customer Value Journey Audit in your business
    • review your Ideal Customer Avatar
    • review your Customer Transformation
    • map out a Customer Value Journey specifically for your business
    • run through the 79 Point Checklist to Get More Customers and Increase Sales
    • identify Quick Wins for your business to implement right away
    • identify the next steps to optimize your Customer Value Journey
  • After the call, I will update the Customer Value Journey and Customer Value Optimization Map for your business. I will then send you a link to a folder with all the outputs from the workshop, including:
    • Your CVO Workshop Recording
    • Your Customer Avatar Worksheet
    • Your Before and After Grid
    • Your Ultimate Checklist to Attract More Customers and Boost Your Sales
    • Your Customer Value Optimization Workshop Slides
    • A PDF of Your Customer Value Optimization Workshop Slides
    • Your Customer Value Optimization Map


  • Once you have had time to read through everything, we’ll have an optional follow-up 30 min Zoom call to discuss your Customer Value Journey and the next steps to optimize it.

"Lara has helped us launch a new website with some great content and fantastic case studies. We have had promising engagement from our target market with Lara's content.

What I really like about working with Lara is that I can trust her to deal independently with clients knowing that Lara will represent our company very professionally."

Ian Lane

Managing Director, IFA Dataflow

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