Do Amazing Things

It’s International Women’s Day today, and I want to inspire you to keep going, do amazing things, and not let anyone stop you or put you down.

The reason I am saying this is because the other day I launched a website for a client, a website I am very proud of. I was talking to someone about it, and he said that my partner was the secret to my successful business.

In one swoop, this comment took away my pride in my work – MY WORK!!! The successful business that I had built up over 19 years, turning over 6 figures before I even met my partner.

To set this in context:

– At 6 years old I was diagnosed with a chronic, incurable illness.

– At 7 years old I had a major operation and almost died from a cardiac arrest.

– At 16 I almost died from malnutrition as a result of the illness, had another major operation, and was told I would never live a normal life.

– I left school with no qualifications and worked my way through the education system to gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

– I then gained a Postgraduate Diploma and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science

My first job was as a software engineer, working on auto-teller operating systems.

I then became an IT consultant in London, working on huge multi-million-pound projects.

In 2000, I was awarded the Hewlett Packard consulting award for excellence.

In 2005 I set up my own consulting business and have led multi-million-pound projects in Financial Services companies in Europe and the UK.

I now work internationally with smaller businesses and enjoy working remotely and location independently.

I take my corporate experience to my clients and help them with their projects, whether managing their social media and email campaigns, building their websites or writing copy for their new websites.

Based on my experience, knowledge and qualifications, I have built my life and business on my merits.

And I am annoyed that someone would try to give credit for this to someone who has only been in my life for a short time. Incidentally, my partner is also annoyed by this.

Those who told me at 16 years old that I would not have a normal life were right – I didn’t live a normal life. I have lived a fabulous, weird and wonderful life. I wouldn’t thank you for a “normal” life. (Whatever that is.)

So, my message to you women out there reading this is, don’t let anyone put you down.

Go out there and be fabulous.

Be fabulous and SHINE!!!!

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